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The Law Offices of Kevin P. Medeiros has the experience, resources and qualified staff to represent you if you or a loved one have suffered injury or death in any type of automobile accident, such as a car accident, tractor trailer accident, motorcycle crash or negligent drunk driving accident. Our dedicated staff will promptly investigate your case and assist you with the legal process.

Automobile accident litigation is full of complexities, and you need an experienced attorney to help you receive all the money you deserve. You may be entitled to a variety of benefits, ranging from medical bills and lost wages to compensation for your suffering and inconvenience.

It’s important to beware of insurance companies, who will try to convince you that you do not need an attorney and will offer settlements for less than you legally deserve. They have a full team of insurance adjusters devoted to minimizing the compensation you receive. Their mission is to save as much money as possible—at your expense.

Don’t be victimized twice.

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Many of our clients who hire us to represent them in Massachusetts Workers Compensation claims are hard-working individuals, dedicated to their work, and supporting their family. Whether they are working in construction, manufacturing, retail, or another industry, injuries at work happen. Many of our clients find themselves with injuries suffered on the job and that keep them out of work for extended period of time often eliminating their source of income.  It is best to consult with an accomplished workers compensation attorney to minimize potential complications.  Our attorneys understand the urgency of these circumstances.  If you have been injured on the job, Atty. Kevin P. Medeiros, Esq. will work quickly and in your best interest to help facilitate your care and recover your losses.


In Massachusetts there is a 4-year statute of limitations to file a workers’ compensation claim. There are also many other factors that influence workers compensation claims and need to be considered. For example, in order to receive compensation for lost wages, an individual must be out of work for 5 or more days. If you are unable to work you may be able to receive disability benefits equaling 60 percent of your average weekly wage for up to three years. After those three years are exhausted, if you are not permanently disabled, your benefits will then be reduced.

Insurance companies have 180 days to pay an employee for damages without formally accepting liability for your injury. This is referred to as “payment without prejudice.” Anytime before the 180 days expires, insurance companies may stop payment. Its best to consult with a workers compensation attorney before this occurs. Our attorneys can help you understand your rights with all Massachusetts workers compensation claims. If you work in Massachusetts and have had your workers’ comp claim denied by an insurance company, our lawyers will help resolve the issues and ensure you receive the benefits and medical treatment you’re entitled to.  You pay no legal fees unless our Workers Compensation attorneys are successful in obtaining benefits for you. Call us for a free case evaluation.


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If you’ve been injured at work or on the job, contact my office in New Bedford, Massachusetts for a case evaluation.




For most Americans, the desire to find a home of their own is not only a cherished dream but often their largest single investment.  And like any sound investment real estate requires both knowledge and diligence to realize its full potential for a lifetime of personal pride and satisfaction.

We are a real estate lawyer in New Bedford, MA which includes representing lenders and individuals, buyers/sellers and landlords/tenants in all stages of real estate transactions:

Residential Real Estate (including condominiums, houses and townhouses)

  • As the seller's and the buyer's residential real estate attorney, our firm handles all aspects of the real estate transaction from negotiating and drafting the contract of sale and related documents (for buyers, this includes among other items, reviewing financing materials, appraisals, surveys, title abstracts and structural reports), through completing the real estate closing;
  • Lease to own contracts; and
  • Title work through Chicago Title Company
  • Commercial Real Estate (including, office buildings, mixed-use, parking garages, and shopping centers)
  • Form and advise corporations;
  • Negotiate and draft purchase and sale agreements;
  • Represent institutional lenders, mortgage banks and mortgage brokers in financing of real estate loans (negotiate and draft credit agreements/notes, security agreements, mortgages, and fixture filings);
  • Estate and gift taxes with respect to such real estate (and minimize income taxes in connection with such real estate as well)
  • Represent owners, landlords, and tenants in negotiating, drafting, interpreting and enforcing leases and subleases.

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When you are working through the legal system,an experienced lawyer is what you need one who can guide you through each step of the process. You need someone who knows the process and who will take the time to understand your concerns and goals. You need Kevin P Medeiros who views you as a person with a problem, not a billable opportunity for the firm.

When you contact my office, The Law Office of Kevin P Medeiros, I will focus on helping you find the answers you need. I'm committed to providing clients throughout Bristol County with the practical, affordable solutions they need.


Most individuals who contact my firm are concerned about three main things:

  • Children: First and foremost, parents want to ensure they will be able to maintain strong relationships with their children after the divorce.
  • Affordability: Many people have questions about the legal fees that are incurred during the divorce process.
  • Assets: After spending a lifetime building assets, many people have questions about how those assets or debts will be divided.

I have spent my career focusing on family law issues, and I use my experience to educate clients about what to expect.



The Law Offices of Kevin P. Medeiros will assist you through the entire estate planning process in a thoughtful and compassionate manner. We understand the importance of this process to both you and your family. The scope of our services includes all aspects of estate planning.


We are experienced in guiding clients through both simple and complex probate court proceedings and estate administrations. We make it as easy as possible on you and guide you step-by-step throughout the process to ensure that it is done correctly and efficiently.


Listed below is a sample of our estate planning and probate law practice.

  • Living trusts
  • Wills
  • Powers of attorney
  • Probate and estate administration
  • Trust administration  • Small estate administration
  • Will disputes
  • Trust disputes
  • Estate and trust litigation
  • Conservatorship
  • Intestacy

We can be reached at 508-991-4040 or via email at


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